Holy Cannoli

1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips for cannoli cream topping in bowl 1 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract Make the filling: Line a sieve with a layer of cheesecloth, and set.

Or someone’s Nonna? On Tuesday, May 6, eight contestants from the Peninsula and the South Bay will compete: A Slice of New York pizzeria (San Jose, Sunnyvale); Dolce Sicilia (San Jose); Holy Cannoli.

Holy Cannoli! Adorable Dog Named ‘Cannoli’ Needs NJ Home This is one dog that’s so cute, you’ll just want to eat her up. Meet Cannoli, a long-haired Dachshund looking for a home.

Mike’s Pastry in the North End got a run for its money this weekend after Golden Cannoli Shells of Somerville attempted to set the Guinness World Record Saturday for largest cannoli ever made. At 12.

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The 12th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition, sanctioned by The International Federation of Competitive Eaters, was held last night at the San Gennaro Festival. Little Italy relic/icon Ferrara Bakery.

A man ate nearly 14 cannolis in five minutes during an eating contest at an Italian festival in northeastern Pennsylvania. Twenty-five-year-old David Wood beat out seven other contestants at La Festa.

I hope you have a sweet tooth. Our mailbag, and voice mail, was flooded with suggestions after a reader last week asked where to find good cannoli now that Serpe’s Bakery in Elsmere is out of.

The framed family photos grace the walls of the high-end market of Italian products that Isgro and Tom and Candace Savinelli, who own Italian bakery Holy Cannoli next door, plan to open this week.

WATERVILLE – Walk into Holy Cannoli on Main Street downtown and you might as well be stepping into an eatery in Tuscany. The aroma of steaming hot meatballs and chicken Parmesan wafts through the.

The company explained its reasoning for trying the flavor again on its Facebook page: "We made a cannoli flavor with ricotta before and it bombed. It was called Holy Cannoli. This is a new take on it.

Candace Savinelli learned how to cook from Tom’s mother, Lilly Savinelli, and a lot of her recipes are used at Holy Cannoli, which opened in 2012. The high-end Italian market will open this week,

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The cannoli supply at an iconic Bronx bakery will soon run out after a fire on Monday burned down the Westchester factory that pumps out the famous pastries, the shop’s owner said. "As far as cannolis.

This isn’t the first time the company has tried to re-create the Sicilian pastry. It launched Holy Cannoli in 1997. Made of vanilla pistachio ice cream, ricotta, chocolate-covered cannoli pieces and.

He’s like the cat that got the cream – and he should be, because Patrick Bertoletti is a record-breaking world champion. No-one could deny the chef was hungry to win when he chowed down on an.

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Sixteen local high school students with interests in science, culinary and marketing participated in this year’s Ice Cream University hosted by TIC Gums at the Texture Innovation Center in White Marsh.

Who could forget the Ben & Jerry’s "Holy Cannoli" flavor, which, with its generous chunks of cannoli, addictive pistachio ice cream, and rich ricotta, held America in its thrall for one brief, elastic.

Boston choco-philes followed their noses to the sweet smells emanating from the Sheraton in Copley Square on Sept. 17. That’s right – the third annual New England Dessert Showcase was in town. This.

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Normally, you’ll find Gabe Thompson turning out fluffy gnocchi or tossing hunks of watermelon into panzanella at one of his downtown New York City Italian restaurants. "Making cannoli reminds me of.