Jesus Christ Vs Krishna

Aneek Chaudhuri, the critically acclaimed filmmaker who made headlines with his silent film “White” last year, this time focuses on the more complex story of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, but with a.

Nov 03, 2018  · Q: Is Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead or just a teacher like Jesus? K rishna is not Parabrahman, the Absolute Being, and Jesus is not the Godhead, either. Nor are they “just teachers,” either. Both Krishna and Jesus were perfect siddhas, thoroughly deified persons, truly god, having evolved through all the worlds of relative existence and transcended them in total union with.

And not only does Prabhupada mention Jesus, but he mentions him repeatedly. 2- Christ was a satktyavesa avatara. Prabhupada points this out, also more than.

Apr 02, 2011  · Some people believe that there are so many similarities between Jesus and Krishna that it seems obvious that they refer to the same individual. This is partially true, but not in the manner most purveyors of this similarity would like us to believe. Some of the supposed similarities are: Jesus was born on December 25th…

Hindus and Hare Krishna's usually have no idea about the 20 or so unbroken Apostolic Catholic Mass Rite Lineages of disciplic succession from Jesus Christ.

So,take some inspiration from these tats ; and if you love to worship Ganpati or are a firm believer of Lord Krishna,Shiva, Hanuman, Jesus Christ then don’t think twice to express your faith by.

As directed by their teacher, their play should include characters such as trees that can walk, a monkey that talks, a fairy, Sant Tukaram and Jesus Christ. All goes well until a mob attacks the.

But it’s the lack of support for such independent ventures that makes him sad. The film, which stars a leading lady as Jesus Christ, has received lukewarm response from producers. “It is common in.

If Alyque Padamsee’s tribute event at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre was any indication, the Indian flirtation with the Western musical began aeons ago, and Padamsee had mounted Jesus Christ Superstar in.

Feb 23, 2016. 'Christ Parichay', which is being re-launched 70 years after it was first published in 1946, also claims that Christ died in Kashmir and.

Mar Coorilos, who had boycotted the meeting against the Church Act convened at Changanassery Bishop House earlier, said even Jesus Christ would be looking forward. under the chairmanship of justice.

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It could be the story of Kunti and her son Karna, or it could be Lord Krishna and his childhood. It could also be about Krishna’s love for Radha and charges of abuse on him, or it could be how Krishna.

How does Hinduism compare to Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ? How do Hindu gods such as Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Rama, and Krishna compare to.

This refers to Jesus-Christ’s position as Spiritual master or guru and not that he has some monopolistic position to help people to reach the Divine Father. The vedic aphorism is "Guru is one (although he appears in different bodies)". This does not mean that Jesus-Christ.

Feb 26, 2011. Horus, Attis, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus and Jesus… spot the difference. the fact that the church made up a date for the birth of “christ” proves.

Therefore, Lord Jesus Christ agreed to be crucified-to free others from their suffering. But his followers are so unfaithful that they have decided, "Let Christ suffer for us, and we’ll go on committing sin." They love Christ so much that they think, "My dear Christ, we are very weak.

Independent filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri’s next ‘Cactus’ sees a major change in the cast. Amrita Chattopadhyay who was supposed to play Jesus Christ in this experimental silent film has been replaced by.

I would rather pray in love for all my friends here, to know Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection.pray that He reveals himself to all on here. With much.

Apr 21, 2005  · By analogy, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are lakes filled with the one living I AM. In another scripture, Jesus clearly says the only requirement for attaining eternal life is loving God and loving our neighbor: On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus.

Sikhism Interaction With Other Religions Daoism – Daoism and other religions: Confucianism is concerned with human society and the social responsibilities of its members; Daoism emphasizes nature and what is natural and spontaneous in the human experience. The two traditions, “within society” and “beyond society,” balance and complement each other. This classic definition is generally correct concerning orthodox Han. said

Jesus Christ’s right hand is shown in a pose that represents the letters Χ, and Ϲ. points the Trinity as well as Christ. The sign of the cross is the mark of Jesus Christ and that of the false religion of Christianity: Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary. the mark, or the name—Greek, "the mark (namely), the name of the beast."

The experimental film with Jesus Christ in the center of the plot challenges many established Western traditions. What’s more fascinating is Aneek has cast a female actor Aparajita Dey as Jesus Christ.

May 12, 2014. So history records how Jesus Christ was a conglomerate of Julius Caesar, Krishna, and a little known Druid god, Hesus to placate.

The Paadma Purana records the glory of tulsi. Sage Narada told Satyabhama, Krishna’s Consort, that he who gives will get something. But he who gives nothing will get nothing. Satybahama wanted Krishna.

"Who are the Hare Krishnas and what do they believe?. through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9) who bore our sin on the cross so that.

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His next, a silent film titled ‘Cactus’, sees a woman playing Jesus Christ! Amrita Chattopadhyay is the lucky girl to play such an interesting character. You can already imagine this one will.

Apr 13, 2009. Christ and Krishna were called both God and the Son of God. Both were sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man. Both were called Savior.

2. Jesus Christ’s birthday is unknown. Not only is any hint of a celebration of Christ’s birth absent from the New Testament, but the Bible is also strikingly silent when it comes to the actual date of His birth. The most detailed account of Christ’s birth is found in Luke 2.

Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund. Download Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund. Comparison Chart of JESUS (Christians), Muhammad (Islam), Buddha (Buddhism), Sigmund (Atheism). Surrender to Jesus Christ, which allows His peace to enter the person. A peace of being reconciled back to God.

Yogananda placed pictures of Christ and Krishna next to one another on his altar , saying that they both represented the same universal Divine Consciousness.

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How Holy Is God They did. We do. God’s children originally assumed that God had given them a holy land, a holy king from the house and lineage of David, a holy temple and a holy city. These gifts were given in. Her new book, ‘Holy Envy,’ is about how teaching the religions of the world changed her understanding

Maundy Thursday commemorates the ‘Last Supper’ of Jesus Christ with his disciples. The Supreme Court in PUCL Vs Union of India noted that “eventually, voters’ participation explains the strength of.

Krishna’s use of the simile of the lamp that burns steadily. the devotee does not settle for anything less. Christ’s extraordinary patience while undergoing severe physical, intellectual and.

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"Religion is is a way of worship.we may pray to Allah.we may pray to Jesus Christ.we may pray Rama. Krishna.Sai Baba.Lord Ayyappa.," he said. "If we believe in ‘vasudhaiva.

Our ideals are Ram and Krishna but Yogi should tell us whether Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ are also his ideals or. at Banaras Hindu University. In Video: Akhilesh Yadav gets new five-year.

Vishnu, Brahma, Jesus, Rama, Krishna are all culture-specific names. Jesus did not have that name in Heaven before he came down to earth. There is a method to the madness of those culture-specific names. Just like God respects human free will, God also respects human cultural diversity as.

The Lord takes many forms of His own will. In the Vishnu Purana, Akrura says that Krishna’s face, with lotus eyes, gets rid of sins. Akrura is anxious to see this liberating face of the Lord. Valmiki.

The similarities between religions were noted by a number of Enlightenment philosophers of XVII-XVIII centuries and led them to the conclusion that Jesus Christ.

Coming unto the Father. No matter what Jesus the Christ was himself, as regards his own soul, being born and maturing in the Orient [East], he had to use the medium of Oriental civilization, customs, mannerisms, language, parables, in spreading his message….

here is my original page, posted march 01 2006 as i wondered if antichrist would be here on 6.6.06 or if i was to reveal him on this date? on june 6 2006 (6606) if the first of two raptures has not happened and antichrist has not declared himself on world simulcast television, then i (pastor harry) will reveal the true name and identity of the antichrist at 11:05 pm est on this site and on.

Jesus Christ the True Prajapati. T. V. PHILIP•. Krishna Mohan Banerjea (1813- 1885) was the foremost Indian. Christian apologist in the Nineteenth Century and.

Mar 25, 2013  · Jesus Within The Pantheon: How Does Jesus’ Birth Story Compare with Other Popular Deities of the Time | Under the Shadow of the Red Rock on Horus, Attis, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus and Jesus… spot the difference.

Krishna is a very sexy god, but that privilege is withheld from his devotees.” SOURCE:. Tragically, George Harrison rejected the Word of God and Jesus Christ.

Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund. Download Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund. Comparison Chart of JESUS (Christians), Muhammad (Islam), Buddha (Buddhism), Sigmund (Atheism). Surrender to Jesus Christ, which allows His peace to enter the person. A peace of being reconciled back to God.

A renowned personality in English theatre productions, he produced notable plays like ‘Evita’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Broken Images’. He achieved global fame in the brand advertising with.

The love of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, was made known by holy brother. Krishna says his wife and family are all desirous of becoming Christians.

Since Constantine authorized the RCC to control religion, the churches have been following lies and deceptions. Sherry Shriner reveals the lies, cover ups, and how it affects the churches today.

“That the actual place of Christ's birth was a cave is a very ancient tradition, and. 4) “In infancy, both Krishna and Jesus were sentenced to death by kings who.

Here’s the deal: faith in a larger something — God, Jesus, Krishna, Allah, the Goddess — should. The best thing about Buddhism — & the best thing about Christianity, as well — is their mutual.

Was Jesus’ death copied from Krishna? Let’s compare Jesus and Krishna. In The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Graves wrote that Krishna was crucified between two thieves (p. 140). But no Hindu text says Krishna was crucified at all! Still, some wonder if there’s a parallel between the way Jesus and Krishna.

Christianity copied and embodied almost all from the Heathen/Pagan. Krishna (Hindu god 1200bc) compared to Jesus (Christian god 33ad) were both the 2nd.

Chrisna (Krishna) was the Indian Apollo, born in 1200 BCE. He is represented as Avatar often, or the incarnation of the divinity. At his birth, choirs of Devitas (this is the name of, or for, angels) sang hymns of praise while shepherds surrounded his cradle. It was necessary to conceal his birth from the tyrant ruler, Canso, to whom it had been foretold that an infant savior would destroy him.

Question: "Who are the Hare Krishnas and what do they believe?" Answer: The origin of Hare Krishna, also called Gaudiya Vaishnavism or Chaitanya Vaishnavism, is promoted through the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (or ISKCON). Hare Krishna is a mystical sect of Hinduism.It is usually classified as a monotheistic form of Hinduism, since Hare Krishnas believe that all deities are.

Aug 31, 2013. The world is falling apart, so it's hard to believe there are Christian fanatics trolling. Hair-splitting and nit-picking aside, Krishna's mother's status is. of her divine son; Jesus, son of God, is born of a mortal virgin, Mary…; such.

Dec 17, 2011. But Largen's chapters on Jesus are also instructive for the Christian. I therefore recommend to you Baby Krishna, Infant Christ, and I am sure.